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Comte Amandine


Russian Robocop Girl by Gerald Parel


Damien Wayne - Lee Bermejo

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Pro-Marker sketch. Done from a photo I saw here on Tumblr but I can’t find it now. 


I’m sure this is a repost, but here it is anyways


Art by the talented Jonas De Ro.


Diagram of synapsid evolution from Palaeoswhich is probably from T. S. Kemp’s 1982 Mammal-Like Reptiles and the Origin of Mammals. Unfortunately, it’s been a while since I’ve had access to that book and the only copies available cost princely sums.

Compared to the evolution of, say, birds and whales, the evolution of synapsids doesn’t really seem well-known to the public. It’s a shame since I think this is one of the best documented and most fascinating examples of major evolutionary change around. It doesn’t help that there isn’t even a decent name for this group of animals; ‘Non-Mammalian Synapsid’ is beyond clunky; ‘Protomammal’ and ‘Stem-Mammal’ would probably be better for therapsids alone; and of course, ‘Mammal-like Reptile’ is misleading anachronistic nonsense. 

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Ultron Transformation

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Around April of last year my friend, Jamie Vickers, encouraged Ben Li and I to apply to animate on Masaaki Yuasa’s “Space Dandy” episode.  Yuasa-san was apparently looking for international animators and posted about it on his Facebook wall.  We turned in our reels and promptly got the gig.

I decided to only take on four shots just to feel it out and to make sure I got it all in on time. 

The Carpaccio animation and shadow passes weren’t used in the final cut, but I decided to include them for this post to show what was turned in and approved.  The rest of the drawings I did came through though!  Very exciting to see the final animation all cleaned up, colored and cut together.

Yuasa-san was very open to us using Flash to animate our shots.  The production took the final keys (genga’s), printed them out, retraced onto paper and inbetweened those drawings.  It’s a pretty wild pipeline, but it totally worked.  I am grateful to have experienced working under one of my most favorite directors, Masaaki Yuasa-san.  

If granted the opportunity I would like to do more animations for Yuasa-san and other overseas productions in the future.  For now I will continue working on my personal project that I aim to get done before the end of the year. 

Space Dandy

Ep 3 Season 2

"Slow and Steady Wins the Race, Baby!"

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Quick group shot things I did on livestream, about an hour

Watch it here! - 

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Hey guys, I’m fortunate enough to be a part of the “MeatBall Head” Art show curated by the awesome nicocolaleo in L.A.

This one was fun, I rarely use line and have been having fun with it lately working on comics and planting Easter eggs in my pieces,would’ve liked to have planted more but eh, next time. Hope you like it.

Unfortunately I won’t be there but my piece will- along with some other awesome artists who I work with( wscottforbes, halfglovepunch , perinm & shaburdies ) and some who I follow on tumblr. Go check it out if you’re in the area at at Meltdown Comics/Nerdist Showroom on August 16th ! Should be a good time :).


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